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Hi, I’m Jan Philipp. I’m a twenty-something currently traveling through Asia. And I love Photography!

I went from routined worker and couchpotato to a person who travels around the world on his own. During my trip I’ve done lot of scary things and they turned out to be amazing. Read my stories to find out more. They contain a lot of my experiences during my travels. This blog is still young and I hope it grows well.

Why travelgrapher?

One month in my travels I started with photography. More and more did it grew on me. I challenged myself to avoid taking the standard tourist photos everyone was taking. Eventually I started telling stories with my photos. The pictures always marked some moments where I experience something. I’m no pro photographer, but I think of myself as a passionate storyteller. With this blog and my photos I tell my stories.

Some people say a picture tells a thousand words. With my blog I’m adding a thousand words to describe my experiences. Sometimes it can get very technically and geeky talk about cameras, sometimes it can get very cultural about the country I’m at and sometimes it will get very personal.

I hope you enjoy this and if you have any question the comment sections are open and you can always contact me on social media.

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